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English for babies, children, and teens. The path to learning English through every stage of life.
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This is our world, and in our world, we learn through play.

Kids&Us offers an English learning method based on the natural mother tongue acquisition process. In the Natural English method, babies start learning English in a natural and intuitive way from the age of one. This is how their profound learning journey begins, which extends throughout all stages of their lives and comes to an end when they turn 18.


Come and meet us!

At Discover Kids&Us, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of English activities for children of all ages. You will gain firsthand experience of the Natural English method in demo classes for Babies and Kids. During the Open Day, you will meet the team who work at the Kids&us school and get to see the facilities close up.



Discover Kids&Us

Come and take part in our activities and events to live the Kids&Us experience firsthand.
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Babies and Kids Experience
Demo classes for Babies and Kids stages
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Open Day
See your local Kids&Us school up close
English Arts&Crafts workshops
Storytime - Storytelling
Storytelling for children

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