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Gain firsthand experience of Kids&Us.

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Capture our essence!

Take part in demo classes where you’ll learn how our Natural English method works. Discover how Kids&Us is much more than an English school. 

esencia calendario 2 September
esencia academias In all our schools
esencia reloj 30-40 minutes
Events adapted to age 



Babies Experience

Ages 1 to 2 


At Kids&Us, the babies grow up with English. In the Babies Experience, you will participate in a Babies stage demo class. 


Kids Experience

Ages 3 to 7 


At Kids&Us, the children learn English the same way they learn their mother tongue. In the Kids Experience, you will participate in a Kids stage demo class. 

3 reasons to attend the Demo Day

ico-razon-1 To see how English is learnt with the Kids&Us.
ico-razon-3 To meet the team.
ico-razon-2 To explore the school.

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Share the experience with other families so they too can take advantage of this opportunity. 


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