_mockup landing DEMO DAY_1__1715x1842
_mockup landing DEMO DAY_1__1715x1842

Demo day

Discover the unique and innovative Kids&Us method. Lessons 100% in English for children ages 1 and over.

On August 31st

Gain firsthand experience of our essence

Take part in demo classes to learn how our Natural English method works. Discover why Kids&Us is much more than an English language school.
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30-40 min

3 reasons to come to the Demo Day

You will understand how English is learnt at Kids&Us.
You will meet our teaching staff.
You will discover what our schools are like.

Events adapted to age groups

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Babies experience


1 to 2 years old
With emotions at the forefront, babies ages 1 and 2 begin to familiarise themselves with the English language.
Discover the Kids&Us experience in a demo class.
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Kids experience


3 to 7 years old
By recreating situations that are familiar to them, children ages 3 to 7 learn English as if it were their mother tongue. 
Sign up for a demo class and find out for yourself. 

Sign up for Demo Day

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