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20 Years Creating New Ways of Learning

Passion, curiosity, and wanting to learn are the key ingredients to making a dream come true. Is it possible to transform an English school into a way of understanding the world and making an impact on it? The answer is yes.  

An adventure that started in 2003

20 years have passed since Natàlia came up with the unique method that is currently used to teach over 170,000 students all over the world. Our journey has been full of unique experiences, would you like to see them? Discover our story. 

A story full of values

Time passes by, but the essence of Kids&Us never changes. For 20 years we have worked hard to maintain the excellence of the method so that our students learn meaningful English. This would not have been possible were it not for the team of nonconformist, passionate, transformative, and intrepid people that represent our brand and our values.  

20 years creating new ways of learning

The Kids&Us Annual Convention is our most highly anticipated event of the year, but this year it was so much more than a convention. The founders, franchisees, school directors, academic coordinators, and staff from the Kids&Us head office gathered to travel down a path full of new opportunities and challenges together. 

New brand, same essence

Celebrating our anniversary is the perfect excuse to change our look. We are not only renewing our image, we are also creating a new world, a universe beyond words. This is the new face of Kids&Us! 

Writing the future together 

We have spent our first 20 years innovating and looking to the future, and we will continue to do so. Do you want to join us on this journey?